Polyvalent / Modular

90° Furniture makes your world super flat!

An interior for an [artist] consisting of 4 parts:

Work Unit

Sitting and Sleeping Unit

Cooking Unit

Storage Unit

Two closed panels rotate open to an angle of 90 degrees. Each component is a room divider and a functional piece of furniture, allowing unlimited combinations. The interior is easy to replace and is applicable to each room.

I imagine these working best in places where they reach floor to ceiling. Yes? More room needed, and quite possibly more attention necessary payed unto unused space. This project also reminds one of a [similar project] made of cardboard. Possibly some recycled materials are in the 90° future?

Also if the translation has terrible mistakes, please notify! Noone hates bad Dutch translations more than me!

Designers: Louwrien Kaptein & Menno Bolt




Cardboard Modular Furniture, surprising results

COMPACT is totally sustainable furniture design made from cardboard and recycled polypropylene. The modular solution comes in 5 flat boards which make for easy transport. Assembly should be a cinch if you’re used to IKEA and it’s all held together by interlocking areas that are sealed with wood glue. Configurations are endless, everything from storage, to a work area complete with lighting.

Designer: Pedro Gomes


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