Space Saving

Compact Kitchen: All-in-One Wall Cabinet & Pantry Design

Part secret room, part cool kitchen workspace, all curved and completely semi-spherical this is one strange but creative way to solve your kitchen storage issues – a hanging half-circle cabinetry unit that holds (and hides) extra space right on your wall.

Ten rotating leaves slide to conceal and reveal this storage-and-work area with a simple spin of the knob. When closed, this looks like some kind of dark meta-cabinet. When opened, the light wooden interior, playfully-rounded drawer and colorful granite counter-top are made to animate the room.

By composing this system of soft curves, this Splinter Works ‘Dime Kitchen’ unit makes for a relatively unassuming addition to an existing kitchen space – something you will not bump your elbows on while navigating your now-more-crowded, compact cooking area.



Portable Living Room: Study, Sofa & Storage on Wheels

To some it may seem lazy to include so many functions in one, but for the low-on-space urban dweller a piece of multipurpose living room furniture is more than merely convenient – it is a way to make the most out of a small space. A fold-down table, pull-out foot rests and built-in lights are just a few of the perks of this all-in-one mobile living room design, a home office in which to work or write as well as a portable place to relax and read.

The back of the seating area is the flip-side of a bookshelf system, which in turn can be reached when one of the panels is folded down to become a desk for working or side table for setting your coffee and newspaper on. Drawer space below the sofa area doubles as storage for the angled footrests that fold old below. And of course, since this entire structure is on wheels it can be moved at will and makes for easy redesigns and interior layout changes.

Titled Lese+Lebe (or ‘read and live’) this piece is as much a whimsical concept as it is a real available-for-purchase furniture design. The designer, Nils Holger Moorman, envisions it as a portable living and dining room but equally capable of being a luxury beach chair. His emphasis on mobility and love of books also extend to smaller subjects like these remarkable rolling bookcase-and-chair designs.



All-in-One Kitchen, Dining & Living Room Furniture Set

Kitchens, living rooms and dining rooms are three core spaces that every home needs in some form, but their uses often overlap and are not always easy to fit into small apartments – hence the dinette, kitchen bar and other combination interior design ideas.  This transforming furniture concept design dubbed theCookLounge by its creator explores ways of integrating all three of these places into one, a perfect way to maximize free space in small studio apartments and cramped condos.

A hidden cooking area is tucked behind sliding enclosures that can be shut to provide extra space for dining or a seatback for lounging. A table moves up and down on a track, doubling as a dining or a coffee surface. The seats themselves can be freely positioned and conerted for relaxing or eating and their backs can be adjusted for sitting upright, laying back or anything in between.



Morphing Modernism: Minimalist Kitchen Island Design Idea

Modern, minimalist, mobile and more. Part space-saving folding table, part flexible surface and part portable kitchen island, this may be the ultimate all-in-one cooking, preparing and working unit for the contemporary home chef working with limited layout possibilities

Extending like an ultra-modern, giant-sized accordion, this compact kitchen unit sits on wheels for maximum portability and easy storage when not in use … and then folds open to reveal twice as much surface area, extra slots, shelves and more as needed.

Black, white and silver when it is fully closed, a set of optional colors emerge as the design unfolds – also indicating which storage spaces are temporary (only to be used in the ‘open’ condition) versus the drawers and other spaces that can be slid out of the sides in both convertible modes.

For the contemporary cook, this design idea by Olga Kalugina blends the best of modern minimalism and ultra-modern functionality, simplicity of style with the flexible benefits of an extendable counters and extra storage to suit any occasion.


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