What about mobile housing?


Totally inspired by John Lautner’s villa Chemosphere, this modern version of a spaceship house is simply fantastic. The only difference is that John’s version was stationary and this one’s a trailer. The beauty of this house-on-wheels lies in the fact that its compact and yet boats of ample living quarters. You will find a bathroom, living room, bedroom, kitchen and an office in the 252° Living Area: Mobile Mini House.

The entire setup of the trailer is based on the rooms fanning out to a 252° radius. The mobile walls and floor of each unit run on rails and can be slid open easily. Just like you open one of those Japanese fans, open up this trailer from under its protective shell and set up your mobile house. It’s as simple as that!

Oh, I forgot to mention that there is a sliding screen that encapsulates the house, to secure it and keep the elements at bay.

I have never done the trailer thing, but I know it must be fun to use one during those camping trips. If I were to get one, this would probably be it.

Designers: Stephanie Bellanger, Amaury Watine, François Gustin & David Dethoor


Urban Shell Shelter has been developed to work as a shelter for changing weather conditions. During the night or in cold weather environments, the trolley is placed against a corner protecting the user from rain, wind or snow. The roof cover keeps the safe from water or snow while its lateral covering panels keep them protected from the wind, creating a warm and cozy shelter. During the day or in hot weather conditions its roof protects them from sunlight, while its open structure lets the air pass through, keeping the fresh and comfortable inside.

Urban Shell has the added value of an external core that works as a structure for hanging and arranging extra belongings or simply keeping them handy. The protection panels apart from keeping their belongings safe from the rain, they help them have some dignity and privacy by making them look as neat persons even if the things inside are not arranged or tidy.

Designer: Agustin Otegui


Orb Furniture will help you imagining of having your commercial show units, or vacation park homes or home office in a mobile structure which is extremely amazing and beautiful to look at. The Orb™ is a new generation mobile structure which is incredibly durable, lightweight and transportable. You would love to have your personal round shaped park home to spend vacations where you can have cute furniture as well as unnatural colors from both inside and outside. This concept is designed in order to highlight the modern lifestyle. If you are going to have a commercial unit then you will surely have nonstop customers waiting in a queue to have a look from inside the Orb mobile structure.

Philip Simpson, the designer, together with architect David Miller, (who designed the award-winning Media Centre at Lords’ Cricket Ground while at Future Systems) and a leading structural engineering practice, the design/idea is fast becoming a reality. One of the UK’s top interior design consultancies, Real Studios, has created a range of inspiring interiors to highlight the lifestyle potential of these unique units.

The Orb has been designed to sleep 7 people comfortably, whether it’s young couples who like to spend holidays or weekends with an assortment of friends, or couples with kids who like to holiday with or without extended family. The Orb’s monocoque construction is more durable and long lasting than any other traditionally built structure on the market. The Orb will come with a minimum 5-year structural warranty.

The materials and technology used in the Orb’s construction are exactly the same as in marine construction. Boats are designed to be incredibly strong, lightweight and water resistant – so is the Orb! Being light weight it will be easy to move on site. This makes it ideal for coastal locations, where it will withstand extreme weather conditions much better than the traditional park home.

The Orb’s continuous shell makes it an ideal branding proposition. A full graphic wrap that may be updated or changed as required can be applied to create a distinct brand differentiator.

Designer : Philip Simpson [Orb Website]


A typical Winnebago gets parked out the outskirts of a town or, at best, in a large parking lot that can accommodate its bulk. While larger such caravans are great for wide-open road trips, this set of small capsules is designed for maneuverability in a modern city setting.

Designer David Tonkinson pursued a number of creative design variants, but ultimately engineered these modules to include linear actuators that, in turn, allow for an open configuration when the pods are set up and opened in a static location.

A wrap-around side-and-skylight system – stretched between and wrapping around the seam separating the two halves of each shell – can be turned opaque for privacy purposes at the flick of a switch. Part of it slides sideways, acting as a door when the sides are extended.

At the same time, splitting the design into two pods helps keep down the size of each overall egg-shaped trailer unit, which are individually small enough to park in a normal-sized car space. Think of it as your very own, home-storable boutique hotel.

While they work best in combination and can each be towed by a single small-sized vehicle, the two units are structured to work in functional unison. One, the so-called ‘comfort pod’, contains living/sleeping accommodations (a two-person bed, seating, audio and visual outlets). The other ‘service pod’ features supplies and storage as well as power and water (with toilet and sink).


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